Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Friday, November 21, 2003

updated template, hope to post later, very busy, bye

Friday, November 14, 2003

Last night i got lost on my way to college. I've been going there 2 years so that would seem a bit stupid. Anyway, I was on lates, finishing at 19:00, had to be in Hockley, Essex for 20:00 40+ miles away.
I was a bit late leaving so I decided to take slightly different route, thinking that I was late anyway so what the fuck.
I was "making good progress" down the A13, when some git in a Ford Puma starts sitting right on my rear wheel so I blipped the throttle, wiggled through some traffic and left him behind, 2 minutes later he's back up me chuff. Another blip-wiggle and I'm off again, bugger me 2 minutes later Puma boy is back. So we are approaching Sadlers Farm, which is one those big roundabouts with little satelite roundabouts jobbies, I switch left and as I'm about to change lanes to do a right Puma boy comes up the inside and I get blocked by some dozy bint who can't decide on a lane. The red mist descends, I change to the left lane, get onto the roundabout behind Puma boy to do a right, lean the bike over, a twist of the wrist and I overetake him round the outside and hoon off up the A130 laughing manically. So far so good but I'm now in uncharted territory, riding faster than I would like to stay ahead of Puma boy. As I approach a roundabout, puma boy shoots past me on the inside. I quickly glance at the signpost and see a filter lane to the left which says A130, give it handful and tear off after the Puma. Now the road has no lighting and I'm plunged into darkness on a road I don't know. Common sense prevails and and I let go of Puma boy, many miles later I'm thinking that I should have seen my turn off by now. a few miles more and I'm thinking I've fucked up. A few miles more and I arrive in Chelmsford about 15-20 miles out of my way, Bollocks!.
So I back track all the way to the roundabout with the filter lane was and realise I should have gone straight ahead. So I went wrong because I had a tear up.
When I arrive at college it's only ten past eight, and my trip meter says 86 miles. 86 miles in less than 1hr 10 mins not bad going.