Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

and then one day you find ten.... days have flashed past. just like that. blinked missed it. fuck.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Breaking News Update Flash
Ok so I haven't posted for a while, we've had a baby for christ's sake !
so time for a quick update of all things,

1) "The baby"
... is doing fine, he is really well put together and seems quite strong and sturdy, it looks like Wifey has cooked up another good'un. He sleeps quite well and hasn't been much trouble, Little'un on the other hand has.
It seems seems Little'un is a bit put out by his baby brother and has been very tearful and his behaviour has got worse (it was pretty bad before!). We have been giving him lots of attention and cuddles and keeping him involved but it seems that two and a half is not a good age to be presented with a baby!.
Big'un, at age six, has taken the whole thing in his stride and is more concerned with Pokemon than his new baby.
2) Uniformity (see post "yes, we are all individuals")
well I had two weeks paternity leave and came back to find the uniforms in place and everybody wearing them, except the printroom droids who have weaseled out of it but are under strict instructions not to take the piss or they will all have to wear it. One of the supervisors, known as The Grudge, must be finding this particulary difficult.
The BCH has gone. He got to a point where it was time to put up or shut up so he put up and left the site!. I arranged a collection for him in which he did very well (a leatherman tool, an angle grinder and some beer vouchers).
The BCH was not only Big Chief Head engineer in this site but he was also the team leader for the Docklands.
Anyway time's getting on, I've got work outstanding and the new bloke is due in any minute so time to fold away this blog I'll continue this later, or more probably tomorrow.