Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I've reached page 27 and no one has died yet! (sorry if that's a spoiler).

Well I have started reading the Deathly Hallows (if you don't know what I'm on about then you must have been living in a cave, yes Bin Laden I'm talking to you!) So far I'm a bit disappointed, not with the book, just that I wish it was twice or ten times the thickness then it would be longer until it's all over, and because this is the last book it will be over. If that sounds a bit sad that a 42 year old married man with 3 children is getting upset by reading a childrens book that's because it is sad. I'm a saddo, deal with it!.

The UK has been flooded again and loads of people were stranded in houses and in cars on motorways over the weekend unable to get to Tesco or Asda to buy their cheap copies of Harry Potter. I believe the government may have to intervene and airlift books to these people so they have something to read whilst waiting for their carpets to dry out.

Wifey and I are planning to see the fifth HP film next week when we will be childless! No I have sold them on Ebay, all 3 are going to stay in a caravan on the kent coast with Nana and Grandad for a week. A whole week. A whole week with no children. We will be able to do whatever we want, things like tidying up and sleeping. Yippeee!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

quick post to test the new layout and commenting.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


well to say I've been busy would be something of an understatement. So here's a very brief update of events from Chez Bloggocks

No comment :- My (rather unreliable) comments provider, Enetation, went offline for a while and although their website stated that no users would be affected the comment code prevented this blog from loading so I had to remove it. I found that the reason I can't get Bloggers comments to work is due to this being a custom template that I fannied around with a lot so as soon as I can get round to it (don't hold your breath) I'll be changing the template and layout of this blog and ditching Enetation.

Ouch! :- A couple of weeks ago Little'un shut his little finger in a door at school and has lost the nail! Wifey is very squeamish about this. He was very brave and is fine now.

Commutation :- Well I'm sad to say my bike has been sold and now I join the great unwashed hoards on the tube every morning. There will be more on this.

Holy Communion Batman! :- After much preparation, much decorating (including a complete refit of my manky old bathroom), much charging about and a great deal of money spent, Big'un made his first Holy Communion last Saturday. It went really well and I'll give more detail when I can devote a bit of time to it.

Communication breakdown :- I have changed my phone line back to BT from Bulldog (only to take advantage of an offer from Sky Television who insisted I had a BT phone line, not because I wanted BT or that there was anything wrong with Bulldog). So on friday, the day before the Holy Communion malarky, my phone was cut off. After two hours and several frantic mobile calls to BT it was all sorted. I am not a fan of BT and it is not often that I would have a good word to say about them but in this case they were very good and realised that it was an important day coming up and that I needed the phone. Well done BT.

I'll have no internet access at home for a couple weeks which is a pain.

and finally :- We are now the proud owners of a nintendo Wii. Big'un keeps whooping me at Wii sports tennis.