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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News just in...

A few weeks ago No1 son went on a bike ride with the cubs and performed a first class face plant, knocked himself out cold and spent a night in hospital. He is fine now, he recovered very quickly and was soon back to his grumpy ungrateful, pokemon obessessed self!
*if you're not sure what a face plant is, search on youtube for it and you'll soon get the idea.

Last friday Wifey went out with the ladies from her work to Yates in Romford and was surprised to find out that this "pub" had poles in it. I mean poles for poledancing not people from Poland. Poles that "ladies", including someone from her work, were gyrating around and grabbing like they were someones member (Wifey's choice of words). She was home before 11:00.

Tonight I'm going for beers and a curry at the most excellent Tale of India restaurant in Docklands.
Tomorrow, day off, kids nativity play followed by the dentist (which should be pleasant the morning after beer and curry!).

end of bulletin. next update planned for Q1 2008 :-)

Happy Christmas.