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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Pissed off
We've been pretty busy of late in the site where I work. Today the outsiders, Copper and Fishboy were helping out another team by doing installs so CJ was left to mop up everything else, when I started today at 10:30 there were 3 unassigned 2060's on our call board and Cap'n was drinking tea. When I asked about these jobs Cap'n Bob said "oh, er, I think the BCH is doing them" So the BCH has been in since 07:00, Cap'n Bob has been in since 08:30 it's now 10:30 and he has not thought to find out if the BCH needs a hand.
So, more calls come out, 11:30 Cap'n Bob goes for his full hour lunch (as usual) regardless of outstanding work, me and the BCH keep working. I get call from work control at 14:00 asking if one of us can do a colour machine offsite, I say were all tied up try one of the other sites or call back later, 15:00 I see Cap'n Bob looking at tide tables or some shit on the PC so I mention that we might have to cover this offsite call and fuck me faster than a speeding bullet he logs off and takes a job off our board that he had been ignoring before. At 15:30 the BCH goes home and I go to the offsite call, 17:10 I come and not only has Cap'n Bob gone home and left the site uncovered but he's left me 2 calls, one of which he "skipped over" in the queue to do an easier one.
This is typical of Cap'n Bob and it pisses me off, he never does offsite calls it's always the BCH or me and he always has his 1hr lunch at 11:30 (even when he's on lates and doesn't start 'till 10:30) The BCH should tell him 'cos that's his job as team leader , but he doesn't.
I wonder if you can hire a hitman on ebay

Sunday, September 28, 2003


Saturday, September 27, 2003

New Toy
Been very busy this week but I managed to find time to buy a Dell Axim 5 PDA on ebay. It arrived on wednesday and I've been fiddling with it ever since.
Anyone got any good PocketPc software to recommend or any good sites ?

Saturday, September 20, 2003

On the way home form work today I had a wee bit of a tear up with a bloke on a yamaha 600 thundercat, there was a bit to much traffic to get really get it on, but it was fun anyway. He got in front of me along royal albert way but there was a few cars making progress a bit tricky and the 2 roundabouts were a bit hairy as I wasn't correctly positioned. I gained on him towards Gallions roundabout and as he went round in the middle lane I ducked across to the outside, gave it a handful and swooped in front of him then caned it up Royal Docks Road, braking sharply for the camera WOOHOO!
Test to see if a piccy of my bike has appeared at the top of the sidebar
if yes HURRAH!
if no BOO!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Bastards, utter Bastards
I finished work earlier yesterday (17:30) as I had college when I reached the bike the Merc was still there. Will my evil plans never work!.
The other downside to all these cars parking in the bike area is that they all seem to have bloody oil leaks!. Oil on the road surface is to motorbikes what kryptonite is to Superman.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Register have posted BOFH episode 21 today and it is a good episode.
You can veiw the complete Bastard Operator From Hell here
Following on from yesterdays rant, when I got back to my bike at 19:00 the Z3 was still there so my evil plan failed miserably. On a plus note though a similiar situation arose today so I parked up tight to a Merc MMWWHHaaHAHA (again)

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

WARNING Prolonged rant approaching
I park my bike in West India Quay carpark in Docklands, the owners of the carpark allow us bikers to park for free and have allocated an area for bikes which is signed and surrounded by red & white tape. Since the congestion charge started the car park (which is outside the CC area) has become a lot busier and consequently there has been an increase in the amount of cars using the bike spaces. I'm not too bothered by this as I treat the free bike parking as a privilege and I just park in any space, but what gets my goat is the arrogant attitude of the car drivers. They have taken to pulling down the "motorcycles only" sign. I know this 'cos I heard a driver argueing with an attendant, the attendant said the driver had been "repeatedly asked not to park there" and then said that the signs keep getting pulled down. A few weeks ago while locking up my bike a young thrusting chinless graduate banking type (these are common in Canary Wharf) parked his BMW in the bike spaces, as he walked past I said "excuse me, did you know that these spaces are meant for bikes?" and I pointed at the signs, "er, um, Why do you park here and not outside?" he replied arrogantly, I recognised his strategy and immediately countered with "because there is no street parking any where in Canary Wharf and because the carpark owners very kindly let us park here" still walking he says "you should park somewhere else" and off he went
So, this morning I arrived just before 0700 to find 10 of the 12 spaces allocated for bikes occupied by cars. I parked right up close to the drivers door of a silver BMW Z3, there was a car parked the other side so the driver will be able to get in and have to climb across the seats ( of a Z3 MMWWHHUUHAHAHA !)
All this is building up to one of my most hated parts of todays society( actually make that two hated parts) lazyiness and the fact that people are always to rushed to consider others.
The reason that these car drivers park in the bike area is because it is nearer the exit, so it is pure laziness. These are the same type of people who routinely park in disabled spaces and would not consider the difficulties faced by people in wheelchairs. I have to say that non-disabled people that park in disabled spaces are selfish scum, this selfish, arrogant, lazy attitude is prevalent today.
If you are someone who parks in disabled spaces then please justify your actions by commenting, I would be interested to know why you think it is acceptable. Before you think about parking in a disabled space try picturing yourself in a wheelchair, due to accident or illness, and see how you'd fucking like it!

Monday, September 15, 2003

--- Breaking News Update Flash Bulletin ---
Ok, a quick outline of the days since returning from the emerald isle.

Tuesday 9th -- The return- Wifey's family very kindly informed us (about 8 times) that the traffic in Dublin was terrible and that we should allow at least 5 hours for the journey from Athenry (Galway), consequently the traffic was no worse than you would expect around any town and we were the first car at Dublin city port. The "family" should try driving into London.
Get off the ferry at Holyhead, ten minutes later Big'un asks "are we nearly home?" he doesn't respond well to my answer of "no, we're 300miles / 5 hours away"

Thursday 11th -- School- Big'uns first day, he looks great in his uniform he's never worn a tie before. Wifey want's to get some exercise by walking him to school each day, so of we go. I promise Big'un that as he is only doing 1/2 day (so wifey says) we'll have a Maccy D's after for lunch. 15 minutes and lots of panting later we arrive at school to see all the other new reception children carrying lunchboxes DOH! I have to run home and throw some food in a bag and run back.

Friday 12th -- all is well - Big'un enjoyed school and was sad to learn he wasn't going on saturday.

Sunday 14th -- The party- Big'un was 5 while we were in Ireland, so he's having a belated shindig now. We invited 11 kids and associated parents. It all went well, all children were returned undamaged to the correct parents and even the Beast was bearable (see tue Aug 12th post) until he went home and then started shouting over the fence.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My big boy
Big'un starts school tomorrow, he's going to a catholic school (I'm not but wifey is) and I'm well nervous.
Full report on this and his forthcoming b/day party when I get more time, probably when I go back to work on Monday.
Now, will ye have a cup of tea?
I have just spent 11 days in beautiful Galway. wifey's family live in Athenry and we stayed in one of her aunties flats.
Ireland is a lovely place and I would recommend it heartily, but it is a bit like living in an episode of Father Ted.

oh go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on,