Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Christmas time, mistletoe and overeating
Another crimbo passes and this years highlights were: The Office Christmas specials, Big 'un after being utterly overwhelmed with presents saying "I'm still a little bit sad and upset that I didn't get everything on my list" (we pointed out that he did, but that didn't change his mind), Little'un being more interested in Big'uns He-man action figures than his own baby toys so much so that he has been taking them everywhere resulting in He-man already being missing in action (possibly in a pub/restaurant in Basildon), and the M-I-L trying once again to feed us all to death (she is Mrs Doyle from Father Ted).
Crimbo eve was spent at my parents (see Thu Aug 14, 08:08:06 AM for more details of my dysfunctional family) which was the normal cold buffet and boredom. My stepmum is in a wheelchair due to MS. This my seem a bit harsh but being in wheelchair and severely crippled does not automatically make her a nice person, she is very demanding and makes my dads already difficult life harder by getting at him all the time and criticising when he has to do everything for her. As we were eating the cold buffet she says "Michael pass me one of those mini-pastie things will you" I passed it over "mmnn these were lovely when they were hot" she says, which makes me think why the fuck are we having it all cold then?.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

For god's sake just get a room
Last night wifey and I went out (a rare occurrence) to the cinema, while the world+dog were watching Lord of the rings we saw Love actually. Great. I was considering nipping out of the show saying I was going for a piss and then going into LOTR, but I think a 3 1/2 hour piss might raise some suspicion from wifey.
Love actually was good for a gentle, amusing, romantic comedy penned by Richard Curtis. Yet again Huge Grunt manages to play exactly the same character only this time were supposed to think he's the prime minister, wifey got seduced by Liam Neeson's lilting accent.
After we had taken our seats, loaded up with nachos and sprite, a couple sat in the next two seats and before the lights even went down they started snogging and they didn't stop for for the whole film, they snogged through the ad's, through the trailers and during the film he was even groping her tits!. We weren't sitting at the back we were actually the furthest forward people on our side. Wifey got the right arse with constantly hearing slurping noises and if the girl had moved her head suddenly wifey would have got his tongue in her ear!.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Big'un was in his school play today, he was a sheppard. Last year at nursery/preschool he was a sheppard, I'm a bit worried about him getting typecast!. But then again if Peter Jackson phoned and said they wanted him for a part as a sheppard in his remake of King Kong or the Hobbit I wouldn't say no.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Humility costs nothing
After winning the rugby world cup the England team were paraded around the West end of London on monday. I didn't go but there was lots of coverage in the media as you would expect. The players have found themselves flung from relative obscurity to national heroes overnight. The thing that struck me was how genuinely excited and honoured they were and the fact that they didn't expect all this interest and enthusiasm from the fans. What a difference from the overpaid prima donna's of english football who behave like thugs, throw tantrums when they get told off and treat the fans and the association with contempt (see post Sat Oct 11, 10:02 am).