Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Here I am just getting ready for the off, when I suddenly realise that I was supposed to "decommission" (read - unplug) 2 copiers after 6. While I'm doing it I can hear someone outside the little copier room moaning and saying fuck this and fuck that. About 1/2 the floor is being relocated over the w/e and he is 1 of about 6 people left milling about. He comes flying into the copier room in time to see me folding the cables up on top of the 2nd machine "christ can't I even make a fucking copy?" "no" I reply helpfully, he waves his paper about, "there are more copiers round the otherside" I add he waves his arms about some more and walks out I make my excuses and leave (read - sneak out while he's still flapping). As I leave the floor he's still pacing up and down,waving his paper and failing to grasp the fact that there is another copier less than 10 yards away.Twat.
Now one of the printroom droids has just walked through and said "Mick, two of the colour printers have gone down" "oh really" I respond as sincerely as I could while thinking " just fuck off I'm going home"
Now I find myself still here after 7, not because I just had a quick look at the printers (I fobbed him off by saying I'll look at them tommorrow - the overtime fairy is good to me) but because I want to finish this fucking post!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Been doing so much lately at work and at home. So a summary of the last month or so:

April 12th- started the chimney removal, lots of work, the F-I-L did most of it (well it was his idea, and it was he who was pushing to get it done, and he's not even 70 yet!) Much to my surprise the house hasn't fallen down (yet) the F-I-L was getting a bit pissed off with me asking anyone and everyone about how to do and not just accepting the fact that he had removed 3 chimney breasts before. Anyway the job spiraled out of all proportion and we ended up pulling a ceiling down and replacing it and having over £900 of plastering done.Had to take another week off work, lucky I could.

work, work, work

May 3rd- Little 'uns 2nd birthday, went to the London Aquarium. Overall a good day out but the Aquarium is crap and really expensive, £30 for the 4 of us. I really enjoy aquariums and the like but having been to quite a few, IMO this one sucks. The sealife centres you get at places like Brighton and Southend etc are much much better than this. Don't go there.

May 7th - 22 week scan, got a good look at the baby, all the tests, weights and measures etc came out OK so that's a relief.

May 11th - Wifey's birthday, didn't fuck up as usual.

work, work, work

May 16th - Didn't go to Snetterton race track with the BCH to watch some of the people from the bikers mail group doing a track day. Instead took Wifey and the Boys to Godstone farm. Phew! had a luck escape there managing to get out of boring chore of going to watch loads of like-minded people racing and throwing their own bikes up the track!