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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Now, will ye have a cup of tea? oh go on, go on , go on ...etc

Righto, I'm back and ready to write a long, interesting, informative and funny post on this blog. But seeing that has never yet happened I don't see why I should start now, so here is the normal drivel.

The last week in August the family of Mick all traipsed across the sea to Ireland. We stayed in a lovely cottage with the Wifey's parents which wasn't that bad and worked out quite well.

One of Wifey's cousins was having a Christening for their newest family member, √Čile (they have a thing for traditional Irish names that don't sound anything like how they're written, this one is pronounced "ayla") so we went along for that which was a great day. The kids had fun on a bouncy castle and Big'un became good friends with his Irish cousin who is similiar in age (they have a mutual interest in Pokemon games)

Little'un and the Baby, bouncing

We visited Bunratty Castle and folk village, which is an attraction we have done to death now and won't be going to again. It is very interesting and well worth a visit.

A dramatic picture of Bunratty, taken with my new Panasonic FZ-8 camera.

We had a lovely time in Ireland, it has been 4 yrs since our last visit but we will be going back next year because Wifeys elder brother is getting married out there.

They grow up so fast!

Well some changes are going to have to be made to the naming convention used here. Big'un had his 9th birthday on the 4th sept and the baby had his 3rd on the 13th. So although "Big'un may be suitable for a nine year old, "the baby" is not for a three year old who has just started pre-school. From now on then my boys will be referred to in chronological order as "number 1 son", "number 2 son" and "number 3 son" (I don't like doing "real names, too many weirdos about).

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NML said...

I pronounced the name correctly when I read it! Hee hee! Yes... I wouldn't use your kids names as there are some real crackheads around the place! I haven't been to Ireland for over a year which is the longest since I moved there 20 years ago. Your kids are growing so fast! Even mine is. She's not tiny anymore! I suppose you're like the boyf and have got the first episode of series 2 of Heroes.... Welcome back!