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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life begins.

Sunday was my beautiful Wife's 40th birthday and in a break from the norm I managed to not fuck it up.
After months of teasing her about a surprise "pink princess" birthday party, which she would have hated to the point of divorce, I did actually manage to surprise her.
Wifey believed we were going out for meal with our friends G & D but unknown to her I had arranged for some other friends to be at the restaurant already and nice surprise , and an excellent meal with some good company followed.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Don't believe what you read.

The UK paper the Daily Mail has an article on women seeking "e-venge" on cheating boyfriends using blogs or reading their e-mails etc. One of the women featured is NML (whom you will see listed in my sidebar) I have been a reader of NML's blog. "Tired of men" since 2005 and this article does not represent what her site has ever been about. I would therefore suspect that the information about the others is also inaccurate and badly reported (read as "made up").
There are lots of unfair comments left which are solely based on what the commenters have read, I have tried to leave a comment on the article but it's in moderation and I suspect it will never appear.
Another favourite blogger of mine, the girl with a one track mind, was also stitched up by a newspaper and lost the career that she loved because of it, although she seems to have done alright out of it in the long run (I rarely read her blog now as it's blocked by the corporate firewall for being too saucy).
NML is now a mother and in a loving and stable relationship and the site is now more about the craziness of family life, if you've never read it go and have a read and say I sent you :-)

The moral of this post is, don't believe what you read and be very careful if you ever have cause to talk to the press or media.