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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life begins.

Sunday was my beautiful Wife's 40th birthday and in a break from the norm I managed to not fuck it up.
After months of teasing her about a surprise "pink princess" birthday party, which she would have hated to the point of divorce, I did actually manage to surprise her.
Wifey believed we were going out for meal with our friends G & D but unknown to her I had arranged for some other friends to be at the restaurant already and nice surprise , and an excellent meal with some good company followed.


gemmak said...

Wow..I am impressed on two fronts! Not only have you posted more thsn twice this year, you are now showing a slight inclination toward romance! ;o)

Happy birthday to your wife :o)

Mick said...

I wrote her a poem aswell! how about that for romance.

Four posts in three weeks, must be a record for me.

gemmak said...

Now I am impressed! ;o) ....on both fronts!