Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Friday, July 22, 2005

From BBC news,

"I heard a load of noise, people saying, 'Get out, get down'!

"I saw an Asian guy run onto the train hotly pursued by three plain-clothes police officers."

"One of them was carrying a black handgun - it looked like an automatic - they pushed him to the floor, bundled on top of him and unloaded five shots into him."

"I saw the gun being fired five times into the guy - he's dead."

This has just happened.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

True Essex boy.
last night playing in the garden Big'un asked me
"can we play Basildon?, you know with shuttlecocks"

I said "yes of course we can play Basildon", so we went out nicked some cars and smoked crack.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The sweet smell of ...
Just before midday today I was waiting for the lift on the first floor, when it came in a bloke got out who had just been out for a run. He was dripping in sweat and looked just about dead on his feet. I got into the lift, I was now the only person in there, and it absolutely stunk of sweat and musky odours.
The lift went straight to the 7th floor, one level before mine and in got a group of about 8 attractive young ladies who I assume were fresh summer interns being shown around. Yes, in they got, 8 attractive young ladies, into a lift with just me in it, a lift that stunk of sweat and muskiness.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Fact #3
My dad's father was german and my "real" family name should be Krietzer. He apparently changed his surname around the late 1930's, I wonder why.
I never knew my grandad on my dad's side, and in keeping with dad's reluctance to talk about things like this (see Friday Fact #1) I don't know any more family history than this!

*note to self, next visit to dad's make sure to bring a spotlight, a baseball bat, a chair and some rope.
Pissed off
After 3 weeks of being connected to bulldog broadband and telephone I am today looking into the options of returning to BT with my tail firmly between my legs and a large slice of humble pie in my gob.
We have had no phone all day and I have made 3 calls to Bulldog only to be told it could take 48hrs!
When this is resolved I will post the full details.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm old enough to know better
So on the way home last night, at gone 7 o'oclock, going down royal albert way along side city airport I caught up with 3 sports bikes who were out for a ride and having a bit of a race. We all stopped at some lights and as the lights went green I gave the SV a big handful and creamed all 3 of the power rangers away from the lights. I did the same again at the next set this time raising the front wheel slightly. We are now sitting at the lights at the roundabout that is the junction of the A13 and the start of the A406 (north circular road)I come this way most days and know that cars are prone to jumping these lights. The lights go green the power rangers all fly off but I don't 'cos I was watching the pillock in the merc who went straight through the red light. The sports bikers all made it across safely but as I was on the right at the lights had I caned across on the green light the merc pillock probably would have flattened me.
Anyway, the red ranger and his gang hooned off up the A406 and I went down onto the A13 only to find a humongous jam caused by the fact the Police had the underpass at Barking closed off. I filtered through to the front of the slip road and stopped at more bloody lights. To go straight on here you have to cross the carriage way running across, right in the middle is a bump which I have wheelied over once or twice. The lights changed almost immediately and as I pulled away I spotted the bump, so still feeling a bit frisky from the tear up with the sports bikes I thought I'd pop a little wheelie and thus gave it a big handful. Unfortunately I was still first gear and as I went over the bump the front shot up, the tank hit me in the chest and I shit myself (not literally), I backed off the throttle which caused the front of the bike to slam down on the road and my knackers to slam into the petrol tank!
I rode off up the A13 nervously laughing out loud to myself.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Terror will not destroy our society
.. nor our way of life
.. nor our freedom
.. nor our country

2 days ago 4 bombs went of in central London, 3 on the underground and 1 on a bus. So far it has been confirmed that 49 people lost their lives but there are still unrecovered bodies in the tube tunnels, I suspect the toll will rise to nearer 100.

I had taken 2 days off to do some cabling etc for the father in law who has recently retired from working at the British where he commuted to kings Cross every day. Kings Cross was one of the bomb sites.
Canary Wharf, where I work was largely unaffected apart from being closed to traffic and the obvious transport disruptions.
My firm has engineers working all across London and I have just read an e-mail from the Boss saying that there were a few near misses but nothing worse.
I am sitting here, at work, and it is very quite and I feel for the victims, their families and the survivors who will be haunted by the terrible things they have seen.
Terrorism can never win.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just over 11 years ago my mate RBS rang me to ask a favour.
"Give us a hand knocking my front wall down and I'll buy you a beer.". Two whacks of a sledgehammer later and we were in the Barking Dog, in Barking. It was 1 o'clock.
At roughly 9 o'clock RBS (who was, and still is, married) had his arms around two girls and he was telling one of them what lovely breasts she had and I was hanging on to a pillar looking extremely worse for wear.
The two girls were joined by another two who had been at the bar. One of them, a rather saucy looking red head, said to me "you look like you're about to be sick"
Three years later, on july 5th 1997 we got married. That makes today my eighth wedding anniversary!