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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That's amore

So it's Valentines day, the in-laws are having all three boys for the night and me and Wifey will be on our own. What have we got planned? well first of all Wifey wants to go and see some awful Chick Flick starring Huge Grunt, surely there must be some violent zombie/vampire/martial arts film on that she'd rather see? Oh well then we might get in a bit of food or a swift pint then back to Chez Mick where, although the will be no kids to interupt the flow of love, there will be the bloody cat! That pesky pussy spent the whole of last night sleeping on my bloody legs. Seeing as he's built like Garfield it wasn't very comfortable. And there will be no kids to come into the room during the night and no kids to wake me up early but there will be the bloody cat scratching at the side of the bed at 05:30 meowing pathetically as if to say "feed me, I'm starving, I haven't eaten for hours, look at me I'm wasting away, get up and give me food you lazy good for nothing adoptive owner"

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