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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This sign now sits where I used to park my bike at work.

Canary Wharf have removed virtually all of the free motorcycle parking areas around the Wharf due to their desire to build on every available inch of land.

First of all the areas at each end of Ontario Way went so the power station there could be enlarged. They set up a temporary bike parking area under Westferry Circus.

This was the temporary bike parking area. It was very temporary it lasted three weeks.

After they put up the signs I parked here for a couple of days. Until I found a "parking enforcement warning notice" stuck on my bike.

This is the one remaining free bike parking area. It is now rammed with bikes and scooters.I thinks it's days are numbered aswell.

My Sv650s, looking a bit sorry for itself lately.

It is highly likely that having to pay for parking will mean getting rid of the bike :-(

The Riverside developement that caused all this.

I took this picture because they dug a big hole and appear to have uncovered a wall!

This is where I park now. Well technically in the carpark underneath.


I have been paying to park for a few weeks now and unfortunately the bike will have to go. This may seem a bit harsh and I'm quite sad about it but it was inevitable as we are in need of a second car and the fact that there is a possibility of a job role change for me later in the year which would mean not being able to use the bike for work.

I have been commuting by bike for 20 years and what has upset me the most is that I'm being forced into giving it up by a money hungry corporate real estate company.