Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Must. Update. Blog.

AAAHHhhh the pressure!

anyway to pass the time here is a couple of tim vine jokes,

I told my girlfriend I had a job in a bowling alley. She said "Tenpin"I said, "No, it's permanent."

I met this bloke with a didgeridoo and he was playing Dancing Queen on it. I thought, "That's Aboriginal

Batman came up to me and he hit me over the head with a vase and he went T'PAU! I said "Don't you mean KAPOW?" He said "No, I've got china in my hand."

I'll get me coat.


gemmak said...

Lol....must update blog?....yeah right!! ;o)

Milford said...

"Daz and Tide wait for no man."

gemmak said...

Tum..te..tum.... ;o)

gemmak said...


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