Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Friday, August 29, 2003

The lights are out and there's plenty of people home part III
Conspiracy theories abound. Is it a coincidence that exactly a week after the blackout in New York we have one here in London?.
Personally I think "they" needed the extra power to test fly a UFO recovered from Roswell in 1947.
Coincidence? or conspiracy? YOU DECIDE!
There will be a prize* for the best theory submitted by comment.

*This may not be true, indeed it is, in fact, a lie of the blatant order
The Register has got BOFH episode 18 up. The Bastard Operator from Hell always makes me laugh.
The lights are out and theres plenty of people home part II
There was a power cut in London last night, all the tube lines were down, buses jam packed, taxis in short supply, people stranded at work for hours. Not me though because, I have a motorbike WOOHOO! so stuff that being stuck in tunnels with loads of sweaty stinky people I want the freedom of the open road, the freedom to filter in between lines of traffic, the freedom to snap off the wing mirrors of any one who fucks with me, the freedom to seriously piss off drivers stuck in traffic, the freedom to race other riders and ride fast (or not, See Aug 20th) and most of all the freedom to be able to have some control over my journey unlike those poor smucks stuck in tunnels etc.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Whilst searching for some more content for the martial arts pages of my website I came across this information which could come in handy if you find yourself faced by a Ninja! (of course that would never happen as a Ninja would sneak up behind you!

Many years ago on the bus to start my first day in Ford's Dagenham engine plant. I spotted a shop called "loveplay Martial arts" across the A13. "that's a strange name for a martial arts shop" I thought. Looking again on the way home I realised that it didn't say martial arts, but marital aids --- DOH!!
I'm thinking of buying a PDA, I got one for my brother for his birthday in Feb and have been gagging to get one for myself since. I'm looking at the HP 1910 which seems to be pretty reasonably priced. Has any one got any recomendations? any one got a 1910 ?
Out of body experience
On the way in this morning I passed a minibus with "Astral Travels, siteseeing tour" written on it. Surely these people wouldn't need a bus? they would just go out of body, I can see it now "if you think to the left you can see the tower of London" and "Ok everybody if you would like to project this way".

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Just browsing about the recently published blogs and I came across the Gamer's nook, quite an interesting site for someone like me who not only loves gaming but is trying to get into I.T

check out this version of the I want it all and oompa loompa songs from willy wonka and if you haven't already seen it The mootrix is one of the funniest spoofs I have ever seen.
So not much happening this week, the beast (see tues aug 12th) has gone away for a long w/e so we will be able to enjoy the garden without him pestering us and shouting for big'un all the time.
Been doing lots of updates on my website added some content on the Kung fu page and some more bike pics, please tell me what you think so far and/ or any suggestions.
After my recent run in/ tear up (see wed aug 20th) I had another with some arse in an escort on the way home from college on Thursday night which resulted in me overtaking on the inside and him moving over at the same time deliberatly trying to run me into the curb, this has got to stop I need to calm down a bit before it ends in tears.

Lesson of the day don't buy cheap

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It pays to be polite
So there I am riding along a very clear Royal Albert way, which although a duel carriageway and not residential has a 30mph limit, at not 30mph on the SV. I get to the end at Gallions roundabout and stop at the lights when a white car screeches to a halt next to me, I think "what's this c-" whoops
"you better slow down a bit mate" says Pc traffic
" sorry" I reply "I got a bit carried away "
"at least you admitted it" says Pc traffic
I say "sorry" again and add "thanks for the warning" He drives off fast and I ride away considerably slower.
That was monday, so last night there I am just entering royal albert way riding slow and considerate when a geezer on an R1 hoons past, I look in my mirror and see his mate bringing up the rear. Did I let them go and get on with it ? did I fuck, WOOHOO!.
I kept up with the R1 and I don't know what his mate was riding as he didn't get past me ;-)

Monday, August 18, 2003

The mysteries of technology
After spending hours on saturday trying to get the comments thingy to work I eventually gave up. Now when I view my blog page at work the comments option is there WTF?.
So I have deleted the posts I made about enetation :-)

If any one in the world should see this can you leave me a comment just so, 1) I know it works and 2) It'll make me feel big and clever.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

No comment
most of these free comments sites have stopped taking new users, but enetation are.
So hopefully a comments option should appear at the bottom of this post.
How many?

I just added a site counter from site meter, next up is a comments box and then I'm going to continue with my website.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Wifey has told me that her mum has said they must go to mass tonight because it's a holy day of obligation.
What does this mean to me?
It means the in-laws won't be babysitting and I won't be seeing Terminator 3 tonight Arse!
The lights are out and theres plenty of people home
A great big chunk of America and part of Canada have no power at the moment, they say terrorist activity is not suspected. The BBC (already in court this week over their piss poor reporting) said "experts believe it is some kind of failure at a major power station" NO SHIT!, well done, no really, pat yourselves on the back. I worry about the quality of these "experts".

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Not much going on yesterday -- visited my Dad and Stepmum. My Dad's a 70 yr old pisshead and my stepmum's a wheelchair bound demanding bitch. What I really hate, apart from their total lack of interest in anything other than themselves, is the way she puckers up and expects kisses from everyone. Wifey and I are not into all this kissy kissy mwaa mwaa stuff, if you try to escape she puckers up and starts making kiss noises which sounds like someone slapping 2 kippers together!
When Big'un is asked "how about a kiss for nanny" he looks, quite frankly, terrified and I think of the Ketchup ad where the boy won't eat unless he has ketchup and then Granny want's kisses so the Grandad get the ketchup again. so when big'un has been asked for kisses and I know it's me next I think "after you with the ketchup son"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The beast has returned
The beast is 6(66) years old and his lair is next door. Hes been away for 2 weeks. Now hes back, cue constantly shouting over the fence, borrowing big un's stuff and not giving it back, throwing stuff over the fence and trying to blame it on the other side neighbours (the fanny's).

slow day at work yesterday, hoping for the same today so I can work on my homepage and maybe get some studying done.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Cap'n Bob is off this work so me and the BCH are doing the terrible ten (working 10 hours) to cover for him.
Yesterday was the hottest day on record in the UK, 101 deg in Gravesend.
I decided to scrap the shelving and we all went swimming which was great. At the leisure centre is a function hall and there was an asian wedding going on, we stood and watched as the groom's entourage entered. It was lovely, there was a group of children leading all dressed in ceremonial robes and carrying candles and the groom was in white with a big sort of turban and carrying a sword. He looked just like Sinbad at the end of a Harryhausen film when Sinbad has got his posh togs on gets the girl.

Wifey's friend from Italy is over so wifey paid her a visit later on. We have reckoned for a while that the italians marriage has been a bit of a sham but she never says anything, leaving us to speculate wildly (which I'm great at) So when wifey returns (at midnight) apparently the italian has opened up and splilt the beans on everything, she hasn't boffed her hubby for 3 yrs and has been giving it to some geezer she teaches english to!

Saturday, August 09, 2003

just been playing around with layout of the blog template and added a few extras useing html cut & pasted from DMX
I'm pleased with results.
peaceful today
I'm alone at work at the moment, I've got two colour machines to do a quick service on and then off home. Wifey and the boys will be at her mums until about 20:00 so, plan of action as follows
1. do any chores she's left for me
2. clear garage in preparation for building shelving tommorrow
3 extended Splinter cell session 'till she's home WooHoo !!!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Shit Happens
London Docklands. Not a good start to the day. Riding to work this morning (on a Suzuki Sv650s), the police had the road blocked at traffic lights on Aspen Way where the £6 a day carpark is. I filtered my way to the front and saw a few police cars and a couple of other cars a the side of the road. There were a few coppers milling about and eventually the copper at the front starting to let us through, he directed everyone over to the right and walked along in front of the lead car. As I came past the first parked police car I saw a pair of feet sticking out, a blue car and a pushbike lent against the railings. As I went past (still at the walking pace of the copper at the front) there were 3 police crouched around the figure on the floor and one of them was furiously pounding the chest of the person on the floor. The traffic started to speed up and I felt chilled as I turned off to Canary Wharf to start my day.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Decided to host this blog on blogspot as my isp, doesn't appear to support ftp'ing from blogspot to my homepage.
Next step will be to set up my blog template.