Same shit, different day. Sometimes I get some different shit on the same day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

On autopilot
I found myself staring blankly at the buttons in the lift, what floor was I going to?. Then it dawned on me I wasn't going to any floor, I wasn't even supposed to be in the lift. I was actually going to get a cup of tea which doesn't involve going near the lifts at all.
What was I doing in the lift? how did I get there? what happened in the time in between leaving the safety of the printroom and finding myself in the claustrophobic prison cell that is the lift?.
I had no memory of anything since I left my desk.
well it was ten past seven in the morning.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Fact #2
Since leaving school at age 16 I have only had 2 proper jobs, but I've done them both twice!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's always meme(me)
In the last month or so I've been batonned, tagged, bagged, bludgeoned and buggered with these meme things so I thought it was about time I actually posted one.
I think this is the one that Grocerjack sent me. I can't find the one from Gemmak so I'll have to have a look for it.

The total volume of music on my computer: I don't have any music on my PC, but I've got Odelay by Beck, Page and Plant unledded and a couple of old AD/DC tracks on my PDA.

The last CD I bought was:
Keane, Hopes and Fears - I bought this for Wifey on valentines day (I didn't get a shag though).

Five songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me:
Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty: the sax blows my socks off every time I hear it.

Suspicious minds, fine young cannibals version: This is a great song the way it builds to a climax is fantastic.

Planet Clare, The B52's: When I was a lad me and my former best friend, W, owned a speed boat and used to go waterskiing every weekend and this was our skiing song. It brings back memories of lazy carefree summer days, enjoying the freedom, ogling anyone in a bikini and hurtling up and down the River Crouch pissing off all the yachties.

Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd: The song I want played at my funeral.

sweetest feeling, jacky wilson: had this played at my wedding it reminds of how much I love wifey and the fact that her smile brightens my day

extra songs worth a mention:
added this myself as there are so many songs I'd list as favourites

reward, teardrop explodes

shine on you crazy diamond. pink floyd

celebrity hitlist, terrorvision

sympathy for the devil, rolling stones

californication, red hot chilli peppers

under the bridge, red hot chilli peppers

jump around, house of pain

mysterious ways, U2

The last 5 films I watched:
most recent first,

Sin City - fantastic, brutal, gory, like pulp fiction and kill bill in one (but not as good as kill bill)

Star wars epIII- great ending to the worlds most famous space opera.

star wars ep II- pysching up for epIII

Hitch hikers guide- sadly disappointing, BBC TV series was better (through my rose tinted memory glasses)

Star wars epI- the build up to epIII begins.

5 TV programmes I never miss:
actually I'm going to change the name of this one to 5 TV programmes I'd like to watch but usually miss,
Dr Who - can't wait for the next series. I hope that new bloke is as good as Eccleston. That's about it actually I don't really watch much telly, I really would have liked to have seen the last 2 seasons of X-files as I stuck with it for so long it would have nice to find out what the fuck was actually going on. Also 24,that looked good but I've never seen a single episode.

Who am I passing this onto?
no one actually, I think it's a bit like spamming or chain letters or pyramid schemes and also all the other blogs I regularly have been batonned / tagged already.

The superhero / comic related one I got from smidsy is much more up my street and will be posted soon.

p.s I haven't actually been buggered lately or at any time.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Hello Hello
Twickenham sat 18th june was the 4th time I've seen U2, for Wifey it was the 17th time. Wifey likes U2.
Not a bad gig, the set wasn't my favourite out of the times I've seen them but it was technically spectacular (but if you want to see a real light show you need to see Pink Floyd, if they ever tour again.)
There was only one real problem and that was the sound. It was terrible. I don't believe it was the sound system at fault but a peculiarity of where we were seated at rear right corner on the middle level. The sound reflections bouncing around caused an almost unbearable "white noise" effect to be heard over the music.
The best songs for me were,
still haven't found what I'm looking for
Pride (Wifey's all time fave song)
Bullet the blue sky (my fave live song, wifey doesn't like it. Hah what does she know?)
City of blinding lights.

"swaying to the music,
swaying to the music,
whoa wa whoa wa whoa"

Friday, June 17, 2005

No comment
my comments have been buggered for the last week or so but they are apparently working again now.
I've used Enetation for the comments on this site since I started it (2003 and have never had any probs until now, my comments have gone down twice in the last month.
Both times I have politely asked enetation's support to have a look for me and they have and fixed them. What surprises me though is how rude other people on the support forum can be, demanding results and being abusive and obviously forgetting that it's a free service run by a couple of people with lots of users. Have a bit of patience please.
Anyone who wanted to leave comments recently may now do so, if they still want to.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Darwin Awards
Yesterday afternoon I was working away on a printroom production colour machine next to where one of the printroom messengers sits. I had this huge printer in bits, my arms up its innards James Heriot style, whilst wearing my "stylish" uniform with the company logo splashed across it. I suddenly noticed the messenger was staring at me, he said
"so, like, do you fix printers and that for a living?"
what I actually replied was
what I really wanted to reply was,
"no, actually I just do this for fun on my days off from my other jobs as a brain surgeon and part time rocket scientist".
After a hard day dealing with people like the above I was in the process of unlocking my bike when a *spits* scooter comes along, drives up the ramp to the parking area and stops right in the middle of the entrance and starts to walk off
"Oi oi oi" I shouted, politely, "you're blocking the entrance there mate"
"?" scooter boy looks blankly at me (actually he wasn't a scooter boy he was a young man typical of the overpaid, under-common-sensed ex student workers round here)
"look, you've parked right in the middle of the entrance completely blocking it"
"what" responds the bloke
"there's the ramp you've just riden up" I say whilst gesturing wildly at the ramp "and here's the entrance and you've stopped right in the middle of it blocking anyone else's exit"
At which point he flies off the handle "Im in a really bad mood, I've been driving around for ages looking for somewhere to park, I can undestand the concept of what you're saying I've never parked here before and I didn't know the ettiquette".
Two things struck me about this outburst, one, he said "driving" not "riding" an air of smug superiority descended upon me. Two, he said "ettiquette" which made me think two things posh and ponce. Posh ponce.
Whilst still ranting about completely blocking the entrance being a massive exaggeration he started to move his scooter away from me, I said "hang on fella, you've only got to move it over a bit".

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Facts #1
Rather than do one of those "100 things about me" type things and inspired by the Friday's feast thing that Gemmak does I thought I would combine the two ideas so here is Friday Facts #1.

My mum died when I was 7, but for years I thought I was 5.
She died of cancer, apparently triggered by a car accident that she and my dad were in.
My dad for whatever reason brought up my brother and I without ever discussing mum and for years we didn't even know where she was buried.
It was only after my Nan died that Dad decided we should know.
Wifey, being a bit morbid (Irish catholic families are apparently all a bit morbid) kept asking why I had never wanted to know or visit her grave and to be truthful I don’t know why I never asked. Dad never really talked about her and neither did my brother or I.
After much nagging from Wifey I visited her grave and was shocked to find out that I was 7 when she died and not 5 as I had always thought (approx 25yrs).
To this day I still don't know any real details and I have very few memories of her.
I've only visited her grave a couple of times and wifey thinks this is strange as in Ireland they are completely obsessed with dying and even announce any local deaths on the radio (saturday afternoons on Galway fm, if I remember correctly).
I always said that I was not bothered about talking about my mum, but finding out I was 2 years older than I thought when she died obviously shocked me a bit and now I wonder if the fact I have no real memory of mum is due to the fact that dad didn't keep her memory alive by talking about her. I also wonder if that is why I don't feel close to dad.
This post was only supposed to be the first paragraph.
watch out!!
the mums are on the lash.
Wifey is going out with "the mums" tonight. So after I've done all my chores and put the kids to bed I shall settle down to watch the missing 2 part Dr Who story which I've borrowed.
Although in reality I'll probably see about 10 mins before the baby wakes and then when I eventually get him back to sleep I'll fall asleep until Wifey comes in, takes one look at dr who on the telly and say's
"I'm not watching this shit"

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sick Puppy: Episode III Revenge of the Sick.
After me commenting previously how healthy Cap'n Bob is, wouldn't you know it he went sick today. Not normally too much of a prob but Buzz Lightweight* is on holiday.
I went to get Fishboy to come in to assist me and fortunately it wasn't to busy.
I don't know exactly what is up with Cap'n Bob, I can only imagine that he was out on his boat at the weekend and slipped up and spliced his mainbrace or ruptured his spinaker or some nautical injury.

*Last week we all went out for a team meal (curry and beer, we're sooo sophisticated) anyway I was talking with someone from the office and I might have mentioned the Big blogger thing, which means if they go there and read comments etc they could possibly find their way here. As a result of this I have edited the previous sick puppy posts and my cast list as Buzz Lightweight's original nick name on this blog made him to easily identifiable.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yip e Kye Ay Motherfrogger
Someone e-mailed a picture of that pesky frog with a noose around it's neck. That's outrageous I thought, that frog deserves to suffer way more than that.
So having a basic knowledge of Photoshop I enhanced it a bit...

How do like them apples Froggy, eh who's crazy now

Thursday, June 02, 2005

you decide!
Watski has started big blogger 1.
I can't believed such a good idea hasn't been thought of before.
He asked for bloggers to be nominated for participation so I nominated the girl with a one track mind to add a bit sauciness to big blogger. Actually I must add girl to my links, although I must say I find it difficult to read her blog at work as I usaully find I can't leave my desk for 5 minutes afterwards for fear of ,er, "embarrassment".