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Friday, October 31, 2003

The Climax
I just read the finale of Widowmania 's drunken night. Good work mate.
Over at the register they have added BOFH episode 26 and a bit further down is an interesting piece about an mp who thinks that as a solution to spam all e-mail address should include your postcode thus enabling you to be identied easily by the authorities and unfortunately by any weirdo, paedo, sicko or Michael Jackson.
The MP in question asks for feedback so if you feel the need to tell him what a twat he is then here you go
Just been browsing the recent updates again and found the following
Widowmania This looks like it could get interesting.
Your limbs belong to me
Kill Bill is great. I love the explicit violence of Tarantino's film and the use of Sword play rather than gun play makes it all the more personal.
Although I don't find Uma Thurman particularly attractive (bit too skinny for my tastes) she looks very good in this and she plays the action scenes superbly.
The fights are choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping who also did Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon, Iron Monkey and the Matrix films amongst many others.
Now I love Gore films and Kill Bill delivers bucket loads. Since having Kids I rarely get to see gruesome films at home so this aspect of the film really got me going. My friend Mark who lives in Hong Kong once sent me some uncut horror films banned in the UK, all I actually got was a nice letter from Customs telling me the films had been intercepted and confiscated.
Quentin Tarantino is well known to be the uber film geek who uses little known film to inspire (read rip off) him and HK Flix has guide to the films that "inspired" Kill bill

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Fair comment
Yesterday while browsing the recently updated blogs I came across bitter angry people and I left a comment. Today I find that the person running the blog has left a couple of abusive comments below and has typed out half a page of hatred about me.
This blogging lark is fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

What good service. On saturday I ordered Max Payne 2 from Games Planet and it's just been delivered to my desk. Not only did Games planet deliver quickly it was only £24.99 inc del. Game in canary wharf are asking £34.99!
A bit fishy
I took Big'un to see Finding Nemo on Sunday, I was surprised to see that it was a more grown up film than Monsters Inc and it wasn't as sweetly cheesy either. Finding Nemo carries some serious messages aswell about enviromental issues and about people invading other peoples space ( I can only hope that parents would notice and understand these ). Ice Age is still my favourite CGI film though by long stretch.
In keeping with the trend, Finding Nemo has a short CGI film before it called Knick Knack. This was also very good and I particularly liked the bouncy music, which I noticed accompanying an ad for Flash cleaning products on telly last night. These Flash ad's make me laugh as it's always the bloke who does the cleaning and the floor/ kitchen/ bathroom is always filthy which just makes think his wife must be some dirty lazy bitch, but she always gives him a look at the end which suggests that she's going to give him a nosh as a reward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

No near death experiences today (so far, I haven't left work yet!).
Yesterday was my birthday. I was 39. I was hoping to leave work early and wifey and I were planning to drop the boys off at her mums and then go out for food etc but on monday the BCH stated that he was going to a funeral and wouldn't be in. so that scuppered my plans to swap shifts with him. Cap'n Bob was his usual helpful self (see sept 30th / oct 02 ) hence I was as work 'till 19:00 and all we did was have a takeaway curry.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A close shave
I nearly got my knee down and a whole lot more this morning on a diesel spill at Goresbrook/
Dagenham on the A13.
As I came under the new(ish) flyover to do a right to join the A13 proper
there was a roadsweeper truck pulled over on the left, as I approached, it
pulled out from the kerb and into the right hand lane and stopped at the
lights. As I was slowing down the lights changed and the truck pulled away
revealing a large wet patch. Using the following mathematically incorrect
formula, 2 + 2 = 84, roadsweeper truck + wet patch = water, I slowed down a
little and as I just started to turn I woke up and smelt the diesel at
which point the front end went sideways closely followed by the rear end and
my nerves.
I instinctively put my foot down and managed to bounce myself upright again.
I was really, really, really lucky that I never interfaced with the road.
I wouldn't have been hurt particulary as was I only doing 15/20mph and I'm well armoured but the SV would have suffered some trauma.

Monday, October 20, 2003

A Poxy car driver
This morning I was travelling to work at 10:00. I was going through 'Nam, on the bit past Dagenham motors the central reservation is flat and there is a big chunk missing from it, as I blatted along some fucking retard pulls a slow lazy U-turn from the other side. Now there was no other cars on my side, no other cars on his side and no railings or anything to obscure his view and I had my headlights on. Cue much stress, jamming of brakes, snaking and a little bit of sideways action on my part and abso-fuckin'-loutely no reaction whatsoever on his part.
Once I regained my composure I looked at him (I was at the side of his Jag) and in my nicest possible voice shouted "fuckin' look you fuckin' c***" while gesticulating with my fingers towards my eyes. A while ago after 2 scary road rage incidents (not me doing the raging) I said to myself that I wouldn't shout or stick my fingers or give the all powerful wanker sign to anyone anymore, but I felt this muppet was a special case. The next set of lights were at red and as I approached (after calling him a fuckin' c*** twice more) he held right back and stopped a full car length behind me in the other lane, so I shouted out "you c*** to him once for luck and calmly waited for the lights to change.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

The second war begins
Well I've finally finished Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix and I have to say it was great!
Looking back over the 700+ pages I thought to myself, compared with the last book not much actually happens but thanks to JK (loved your work with Jamiriquai) Rowling's entertaining writing I wasn't bored once and was eager to keep reading.
With regards to "the death of a much loved character" I honestly never thought it would be that person, even with JK's red herrings galore, I didn't even consider this person.
So, many questions and thoughts for book 6, I definately think Luna Lovegood will play a more important role and perhaps we could find out some history on her, Umbridge I think will return and I wouldn't be surprised if muggles play a more noticeable role.

Friday, October 17, 2003

The register have added BOFH episode 24.
Also I have added a couple of sv650 related links to the bottom of the sidebar.
I probably won't be seeing Finding Nemo now this w/e as I 've got a lot of stuff to do at home, so if Big'un doesn't mention it, I wont and we'll see it next week.
PotW will be changing soon.
I've bollocks'd up my new pda by accidently resetting it and now I can't sync it to the pc at home.
I expect to finish Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix tonight.
I have work to do now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Film news
So far in recent months I've managed to not see Terminator 3. Oh hang on a minute the fire alarms just gone off!. In the large American investment bank where I am a resident engineer when the fire alarm goes off the message over the Tannoy say's "please remain at your workplace while this fire alarm is being investigated" which to me is translated as "Actung! the building is on fire, keep working 'till your keyboard melts and please save your work before fleeing the building in a panic" this message is repeated, but even though it's exactly the same recording, it always seems to have more urgency each time. Which tranlsates to "The building is on fire keep typing" and "it's getting worse TYPE FASTER!" "SAVE YOUR WORK TO A SECURE NETWORK DRIVE THEN RUN AAARRRGGGHH!!!!"
I digress, so far recently I have managed to not see T3 which although I was convinced was going to be shite I was looking forward to and Pirates of the carribean which looked great fun. Other films I plan to not have time to see are, kill Bill - love Tarantino's work, the trailer looks great and the music sounds fantastic and it's got Samurai sword action. Actually the other films I probably will get to see, these are, Finding Nemo, I'll be taking Big'un to see this and LOTR The Return of the King, I'll see this even if it kills me (if that happens it might get made into a film, Kill Mick :volume 1).
Any way check out for all the latest film news.
They've just sounded the all clear, so I get to repair copiers for another day HURRAH!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

I'm looking forward to some new games to arrive shortly;-
Max payne 2, can't wait for this, Max payne is one of the best games I've ever played, stylised violence and slo-mo bullet time, it's fantatastic diving sideways across a room full of baddies with twin Uzi's blazing. The sequel looks great I hope it delivers.
Half life 2, apparently delayed possibly 'till April because some scumbag stole the source code and released it on the web.
Halo, not sure about this one. Copper say it's the best game he's played on his X-box, PC Gamer gave it 91%, but there seems to be a lot of dissent on the gamer forums. People say, actually it's a bit shit and for a 2 year old console conversion it causes even the latest spec, killer Ninja PC's to grind and slow down.
I need to spend more time playing Splinter cell and try to finish it before I rush out to buy MP2 next week.
This is why I'm not a football fan
In the last couple of weeks English football has been mauled in the press. There is an investigation into an alleged gang rape by premiership footballers where a girl (17 I think) agreed to shag one footballer and then another 7 had a go aswell.
Also in a separate in investigation 2 players are alleged to have raped a girl in a layby.
Now England player Rio Ferdinand and a couple of other players were due to have a drugs test after a training session but Ferdinand decided he wasn't doing the test and left the ground. He has now been suspended.
The rest of the England team got the right arse and stated that they might go on strike. Now let's look at the evidence;-
Premiership footballers in high profile sex allegations
Ferdinand skips the drugs test required by every professional sportsperson
Ferdinand claims he forgot due to moving house, bear in mind that he wasn't moving house and then had to think "oh I'm due for test in an hour" he was at the ground, the testers were at the ground and other players being tested were at the ground.
Ferdinand is photographed out shopping later the same day.
The England team then throw their gold rolex rattles out of their Burberry pram and say "you told Rio off so were not playing anymore"
Consequently the press and the fans turned on them and they had to back down. They behaved like spoilt brats which is exactly what they are, a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who get treated like royalty and at the end of the day it's only the fans who suffer. The fans who pay their inflated salaries only to see the game they love dragged through the mud, it's reputation in tatters, by a bunch of selfish arrogant wankers.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I've not visited the Blogosphere at all in the last week, we've been very busy at work in the exciting world of copier repair and at home I v'e been having the heating sorted and the boiler replaced.
Any way just had a bit of a surf around some of my favourite sites and found that the register has got a new BOFH episode up.
Hopefully I will be able to partake in some more blogging later.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Pissed off II
following on from the previous post, yesterday Cap'n bob wanders in to basecamp, picks up the rucksack of knowledge and his coat says "i'm off" and goes, 1hr and 10 minutes early.
Consequently, I forgot to ask him to swap shifts today so I could go to college, when I got in today I asked if he would stay late to cover my shift so I could get to college and he said no. It appears he has completely forgotten about the weeks holiday I recently moved for him. "if you had asked me yesterday I would have swapped shifts" he said. well fuck me that was helpful.
So hear I am now at work 10 mins after I should have gone home, already missed the start of my CCNA class and with no chance of making the 40 mile trip to college in 50 mins (even on the SV) in time for my network infrastructure class.
@$%&$*@@ !!